Neptune Rum Gold 'Barbados Rum of The Year'

'Barbados Rum of The Year 2018' Neptune Rum Gold (700ml, 40%abv)

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The God Of Rum with 30 International Awards !

This AMAZING bottle is available in two variations:

  • Award Winning Classic GOLD Edition
  • Award Winning Limited GOLD Edition (only 800 produced world wide 300 remaining)

A high-quality MULTI AWARD WINNING 'Barbados Rum of The Year 2018' Golden Rum from a private family owned distillery situated on the southern slopes of Barbados.

We have produced a beautifully smooth pot and column stilled rum that's been lovingly aged in American bourbon oak casks for 8, 5 and 3 years.

Being aged in the Caribbean means the rum matures more quickly and therefore Neptune Rum has the style and quality of an older aged spirit.

Neptune Rum is a golden delight of warm, fruit and pepper experiences delivered in an Italian premium flint heavy glass bottle.

The first notes are a mellow bourbon mist with a hint of woody oak. There are plenty of legs shown on the glass denoting quality and depth of the experience to come.

The initial taste is one of fruit with a delicate hint of the bourbon oak trying to find its way to the forefront of your tongue. The smooth pepper warmth instantly blends to the fruit to find a sublime partnership. The finish could be described as a silky smooth collaboration of warm toffee sugar infused caramel.

A very easy drinking high-quality International award winning rum. A real treat!

Barbados Rum of The Year 2018* 


Gold 2018 @ New York USA International Spirit Competition

Gold @The Tastings 92 points exceptional

Gold 2018 @ Los Angeles International Spirits Competition

Silver 2018 @ The International Wine and Spirits  Critics Challenge

Platinum 2018 @ SIP Awards

Gold 2018 @ SIP Bottle Design

Double Gold 2018 @ Denver USA Wine and Spirits International 

Gold 2018 @ San Diego USA Spirits Competition

Silver 2018 Design Award @Denver USA Wine and Spirits International

Gold 2018 @ The Asia Spirit Masters - The Spirit Business

Gold 2018 @ San Francisco USA Spirit Awards

Bronze 2018 Design Award @ San Francisco USA Spirit Awards

Premium Masters 2018 @ The Rum & Cachaca Masters UK – The Spirits Business

Silver 2018 @ The Rum Masters UK  - The Spirits Business

Gold 2018 @ The China Wine & Spirits Awards

Gold 2018 Best value @ China Wine & Spirits Awards

Organic 2018 Best Value @ The China Wine & Spirits Awards

Bronze 2018 @ The UK Spirit Competition

Bronze 2018 The International Spirits Challenge

Gold 2017 @The China Wine & Spirits Awards

Silver 2107 @The Global Luxury Master – The Spirits Business

Silver 2017 @New York World Wine & Spirits

Silver 2017 @The Rum and Cachaca Masters – The Spirits Business

Silver 2017 @The Spirits Design Masters – The Spirits Business

*Berlin and New York International Spirit Competition*


 "There is no denying the quality of this rum as it has bags of character and can be sipped neat"

--Rum Runners Co-- Rum Experts

"A delightful expression"
--Robert A. Burr-- Rum Master

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