Neptune Rum Gold 'Barbados Rum of The Year'

'Barbados Rum of The Year 2018' Neptune Rum Gold (700ml, 40%abv)

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The God Of Rum with 30 International Awards !

This AMAZING bottle is available in two variations:

  • Award Winning Classic GOLD Edition
  • Award Winning Limited GOLD Edition (only 800 produced world wide 300 remaining)

A high-quality MULTI AWARD WINNING 'Barbados Rum of The Year 2018' Golden Rum from a private family owned distillery situated on the southern slopes of Barbados.

We have produced a beautifully smooth pot and column stilled rum that's been lovingly aged in American bourbon oak casks.

Being aged in the Caribbean means the rum matures more quickly and therefore Neptune Rum has the style and quality of an older aged spirit.

Neptune Rum is a golden delight of warm, fruit and pepper experiences delivered in an Italian premium flint heavy glass bottle.

The first notes are a mellow bourbon mist with a hint of woody oak. There are plenty of legs shown on the glass denoting quality and depth of the experience to come.

The initial taste is one of fruit with a delicate hint of the bourbon oak trying to find its way to the forefront of your tongue. The smooth pepper warmth instantly blends to the fruit to find a sublime partnership. The finish could be described as a silky smooth collaboration of warm toffee sugar infused caramel.

A very easy drinking high-quality International award winning rum. A real treat!

Barbados Rum of The Year 2018* 


Gold 2018 @ New York USA International Spirit Competition

Gold @The Tastings 92 points exceptional

Gold 2018 @ Los Angeles International Spirits Competition

Silver 2018 @ The International Wine and Spirits  Critics Challenge

Platinum 2018 @ SIP Awards

Gold 2018 @ SIP Bottle Design

Double Gold 2018 @ Denver USA Wine and Spirits International 

Gold 2018 @ San Diego USA Spirits Competition

Silver 2018 Design Award @Denver USA Wine and Spirits International

Gold 2018 @ The Asia Spirit Masters - The Spirit Business

Gold 2018 @ San Francisco USA Spirit Awards

Bronze 2018 Design Award @ San Francisco USA Spirit Awards

Premium Masters 2018 @ The Rum & Cachaca Masters UK – The Spirits Business

Silver 2018 @ The Rum Masters UK  - The Spirits Business

Gold 2018 @ The China Wine & Spirits Awards

Gold 2018 Best value @ China Wine & Spirits Awards

Organic 2018 Best Value @ The China Wine & Spirits Awards

Bronze 2018 @ The UK Spirit Competition

Bronze 2018 The International Spirits Challenge

Gold 2017 @The China Wine & Spirits Awards

Silver 2107 @The Global Luxury Master – The Spirits Business

Silver 2017 @New York World Wine & Spirits

Silver 2017 @The Rum and Cachaca Masters – The Spirits Business

Silver 2017 @The Spirits Design Masters – The Spirits Business

*Berlin and New York International Spirit Competition*


 "There is no denying the quality of this rum as it has bags of character and can be sipped neat"

--Rum Runners Co-- Rum Experts

"A delightful expression"
--Robert A. Burr-- Rum Master

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